It's your internet dna


Public Identification

You control and change at anytime, what you want the world to know. You choose what information you want to be public and what information you want to remain private. You can use your unique iDNA like an electronic business card, a social media hub, networking tool and so much more.

media gallery

Upload images, audio and video's to your profile. Show the world your creativity and inspirations. Provide links to your favorite artist or entertainer. It's all housed in your iDNA.


Share your personal thoughts, Advocate for your cause, or just pass time with your personal blog. You control the content. Also allow others to simply read what you have to say or allow them to join in on the conversation, the choice is yours. What’s on your mind today?


This option is available for business use. Geekfyt business user can offer exclusive deals, sales and discounts to their consumers through the GeekFyt App.

Social Networks

We’ve taken all the hard technical bits - like social media integration and smartphone display optimization - and created a really simple and unique way for you to connect with others and them to you, All with a simple scan of your iDNA.

company | schools | Teams

Not only is iDNA for personal use but also for professional. Display your companies agendas, showcase your school pride, and upload your team schedules. All of that you can do within the app and more.


Calendar option allows you to create your schedule, plan events or state the location and time of... anything you want, either for your own personal use or publicy via the GeekFyt App


Professional athletes of all sports can upload minute by minute, game by game, stats. Geekfyt users can scan athletes iDNA codes displayed on their uniforms or equipment and get stats, either past or present, instantly.


television and websites

Instead of trying to display all your social media avenues in the matter of a 30- 60 sec time frame, instead of people trying to jot down your information in a timely manner, do your fans want to follow you across social media? How was your game tonight? iDNA Technology just made it that much easier. Most people are already on their smartphones or other devices when engaging in television, its time to capitalize on that. Simply displaying your customized iDNA across your will allow your audiences to immediately interact and connect with your content. Audiences can read more about a celebrity, actor/actress and any item on one of your shows just by scanning your iDNA code. Sports fans are hungry for more information and statistics, and in many cases, Sports TV audiences watch TV and read sports content on their smartphones. iDNA allows you to keep your audience engaged with your content.


The iDNA can be embedded by means of patches, heat press, screen printing to most clothing material. From kids at a school outing to a sports star on TV, this embedded iDNA code can be used in numerous situations.


Once you acquire and customize your iDNA, you can choose your avenue of display. No matter where you choose stationary or on the go, you can always take you iDNA with you.


From fine dining to casual, from fast food to food trucks, iDNA is the new way to give your patrons a more beneficial experience. Display your restaurants iDNA on the door, in the lobby, on the menu, in the drive thru window or on the side of your food truck. Customize your iDNA Technology with your website, your menu, upload nutritional facts pertaining to your signature dishes. What better inexpensive way to advertise than using, iDNA. Upload your promotions and coupon specials, you can even allow your customers to share feedback. It’s time for your restaurant to embrace the ultimate experience with iDNA.

business cards

iDNA Technology on your standard-sized business card gives you an edge over the small piece of paper stock real estate, which holds barely a logo, company name, your name, address, assorted phone numbers, a website URL and two or three social media platform addresses. Another problem with a printed business card, is that it can’t act as a link to your digital material. The simplicity of iDNA is the key to increase the information you can give to a potential business relationships. It’s time to take full advantage of the power iDNA can unleash when it comes to marketing your company and services.

digital media

You Control your own digitized content (Text, Graphics, Audio, Video) that can broadcast over the internet. All your Digital Media Information is located and accessible with a simple scan. With iDNA Technology, managing your digital media has never been easier.